So I've been thinking about rehoming my ratties. I don't keep care of them like I should and feel as if I have pretty much decided I'm not the rat lady I thought I was. I'm just wondering how do I go about finding someone better to keep care of them?

I’m sorry you feel that way :c but it’s great that you’re trying to do what’s best for your rats!

To rehome them, you can try local humane societies, rescue centers or ratteries. Or you can make a post online, either on a site like craigslist or gumtree, or even tumblr. Personally I would try to find them a home via tumblr, that way you can check out the blog of the person who you’re giving them to, to see how they house their rats and if they look well looked after. Or if they’re a first time rat owner, it’ll just give you a good idea of what kind of person they are!

Just make a post with how many rats you’re rehoming, what gender they are, what they come with (cage, include the model name if you can, food, bedding etc) and most importantly, where you’re located and whether or not they’re going to be pick up only or if you can drop them off!

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out by posting this. I live in New Jersey and I have two intact adult male rats who need a new home ASAP. I will transport to anyone in NJ and meet half way if in NY or PA. I will give you the cage, food, litter and treats that I still have. Please help me find a good home for my babies.


can someone help these rats!!!!!!!!!!


Brothely love.



Brothely love.


evemazing said: Where did you find that!? it’s beautiful!

Here you go

Rabbit emergency!



No name bunny begging for food after his bath. :)

I mainly focus on rescuing rats but these rabbits were in a seriously dangerous situation.Please share this post so others can see it. To view my website click here

 Today, August 27, I encountered a serious problem. As I was visiting family outside of the city I decided to go along to a vet trip for their dog. I wanted to see how their vet was and the differences between the vets I have been to. While sitting in the waiting room a very angry woman walked into the vet clinic. She had a small crate, I was thinking she had a small cat or kitten in the crate. She then started yelling and swearing at the receptionist saying she had issues with her three rabbits.

  She said when she adopted them she thought they were all males but they were not. She was furious and saying she did not want a litter of rabbits and she could not deal with the rabbits any longer. She said she couldn’t find them a home. Neutering and spaying rabbits is VERY expensive, this woman obviously did not want to pay for the animals she carelessly bought. She continued to say one was sick, and was attacked by one of the other rabbits. All of this went on for about 15 minutes. The receptionist offered the best advice she could but the woman refused to listen to anything. 

  The woman then said something very disturbing which is the reason why these rabbits are now with me. She told the receptionist if they won’t take them and rehome them ( most vet clinics will not do this) she wants them euthanized. The receptionist then explained that they will not do that and they unfortunately cannot rehome her animals and she will have to take them to some sort of shelter. The woman grabbed the carrier viciously and told the receptionist she didn’t need her help and she will just let them go in the woods. She quickly walked out the door and I followed her and asked if I could take them. She agreed and I now have three beautiful rabbits. 

  I rushed home as soon as I got them and found out they are infact all male. If you research male rabbits you will find tons of information about raging hormones. These boys need to be neutered. One of the boys has been bitten a few times and seems to have a respiratory illness. As soon as I let them out of the tiny crate they did start fighting. Rabbit fights can be very brutal and even deadly. They were also very dirty and in very poor condition, they were not fed properly at all. As I already have a rabbit of my own I had to modify his large C&C cage to fit 3 rabbits, and my rabbit is living in a regular rabbit cage at the moment. This is not ideal but it will do for now.

  The problem is I cannot afford the proper vet care they need. I only took them in because their lives were at risk and at least they will be safe with me until I can come up with the money. On top of their vet bills they also need basic accessories like proper cages, food, toys and accessories. Rabbit care is very expensive and I already have quite a few rats that are getting medical attention that is also expensive. Just the care for these rabbits alone will cost me over $1000.00. 

  I would like to take them to the vet I take my rabbit ( and past rescue rabbit) to. I want to make sure they will get great care. The exam for one rabbit will be $85.00 + tax, and the neuter will be $298.00 + tax. This is not including any pain medication, or the medical care for the sick rabbit. I may even find out the other two have other problems as well. Over all without tax or medication their neuter will be $1,149.00 for all three of them. The donation goal is $1600.00 because I believe that should cover their neuters with the tax and medication added.

  These rabbits were terrified and are already warming up to me, but they are not very friendly. I can see why she couldn’t find a home for them, but I am willing to do everything I can to make them loving comfortable pets. If I can raise enough money to get them the medical care they need I will keep all three of them as my own, unless I find a loving forever home once they are healthy and friendly. Rabbits are very sensitive animals, they have been through enough fear and stress, I do not want to have to rehome them again anytime soon.

If you can donate anything please do. You can send your donation to via paypal. Every little bit helps, thank you for reading their story. :)

Is the felt/clips better for the rats somehow? To me it seems easier to clean the plastic floors of the Critter Nation? thank you!

I guess people use fleece because it’s warm (or because it looks nice), but I don’t bother with it. My rats rarely ever use their litterboxes and they just pee all over the floor, I’d have to change the fleece daily and I can’t afford to go out and buy that much fleece. They also have several hammocks and fleece scraps in their bed, so I feel like they don’t NEED fleece on the floors because they don’t sleep there.

I think it is a lot easier to clean the plastic floors, it’s up to you whether you want to do that or use fleece. However, if you have messy rats you might end up having to clean the cage daily. I clean both the bases, both the plastic shelves and the bed and litter boxes every single day, but I have 10 rats in there. If you’re only going to keep 2-4 rats in there you’d probably get away with doing it every other day.

I noticed you're from the UK - what cage do you use? There arent too many big ones here like in the US :(

I’m gonna point you guys over to my about page which has my cages listed ;p

There’s lots of big cages in the UK. We have the savic royal suite which you can get cheap on Zooplus. That’ll house up to 12 rats.

Little pet warehouse also has several large cages, including the aventura which is like the royal suite, but 30£ cheaper. It also has that blenheim cage but that’s only suitable for big males due to the super wide bar spacing. There are also a bunch of cages there comparable in size to the savic freddy and they’re cheaper, like this one which also comes with accessories for an additional fee.

There’s also of course, the Savic Freddy and the Savic Zeno 2. As well as the Ferplast Furet Plus and the Ferplast Jenny and if you’re really loaded and have lots of space, the Furet Tower.

There are also Marchioro cages, a lot of which have wide bar spacing unfortunately. The Sara 82c3 is huge but has wide bar spacing, so again, only suitable for adult males. If you can find a distributor, marchioro does a few good rat cages, it’s just hard to find a place that actually sells them anymore.

There’s the Liberta Explorer, but I don’t see the point in buying it when you can get the royal suite and the aventura much cheaper. Also from Libertra, the Riviera, comparable in size to a savic freddy, 1.5cm bar spacing, so should be suitable for females. The Liberta Discoverer is a massive rat cage (which comes in lots of colors).

If you feel like decorating a cage entirely from scratch, there’s also large bird cages like these available (I always recommend long bird cages over tall ones, rats are clumsy and could fall from tall cages). Just buy some savic plastic shelves, a bunch of hammocks, rope bridges, bendable perches etc and fill up all that space. It has narrow bar spacing, thankfully.

I actually feel like we have more selection for large rat cages here than the Americans do.

As for personal experience, I’ve owned multiple savic freddies, a ferplast jenny, a ferplast furet plus and a savic royal suite so if you ever want advice on those particular cages, feel free to ask. I would have to say, they are all amazing cages, Savic and Ferplast make exceptionally good quality products.

I hope that helps you and possibly some other British rat owners out there!

you should buy a critter nation

I already have a savic royal suite.

Not to mention I’m British, you can’t assume certain cages are available world wide ;p

I am looking to upgrade my four boys to a larger cage than they’re in now. While I’d like to get them a massive double unit cage all to themselves, I don’t have room for another one in my house, so I’m looking for one slightly smaller than that.


I’m pretty sure I could photograph rats for 50 years & I’d still get excited every time I got a yawning shot.


I’m pretty sure I could photograph rats for 50 years & I’d still get excited every time I got a yawning shot.

I bought that cage, but the bar spacing was too big for my girls lmfao, the wire floor and the tray are the same width and slide into little grooves on the bottom? if youre not using the wire floor then you can put the tray into the top groove where the wire would be, and theres only a teeny tiny gap between the frame and the tray, like smaller than the bar spacing

Oh my gosh thank you so much, that’s really helpful! Yeah, the bar spacing is ridiculously fudging wide (I think it was like 2.5 cms). I don’t know why on earth they make ANY cages with bar spacing that wide, they should just make all cages have 1cm bar spacing so that they’re suitable for any small animals. I’m quite tired of all these massive ferret cages that would be perfect for rats being ruined by having ridiculously wide bar spacing.

I’m seriously considering getting it, my boys heads alone are probably about 2.5 cms wide so I don’t think there’s much of a risk of them escaping, haha. Thank god for fat dumbo heads.